If you do not believe in racing but still like to travel on your bike peacefully, Superior Urban collection offers a wide variety of comfortable utility bikes for every user. Fast on tarmac roads, ready to enter dusty trails somewhere in the countryside and prepared to fight with curbs, pavements and tram rail Urban bike is a reliable vehicle for a non-competition focused biker. Equipped with a front shock it can smoothly cope with the roughness of the terrain, a rear rack, fenders and lights make it an ideal everyday commuter bicycle. Standard mechs and brakes, as well as accessible spare parts, allow you to enjoy this versatile bicycle for years. Predestined to serve you. Have a nice journey!


záruka 3-5 let

Počínaje kolekcí 2014 nabízíme prodlouženou 3-letou (resp. 5-letou) záruku na rámy SUPERIOR. Prodloužená záruka se vztahuje pouze na rámy kolekce 2014 a novější.3-letá záruka na rámy je poskytována bezplatně.
Extended warranty