Intended for paved and unpaved roads Superior E-Tour bike can take you further than you have ever planned to get before. With its powerful battery and low rolling resistance, a hundred-kilometre trip will not be a problem. It opens opportunities which were unreachable a while ago and which are still hard to catch even for a well-trained cyclist. Equipped with comfortable gears it is going to remind you of your old bike, but with pleasure you have not expected. Let yourself be back to times of all-day-long trips, freedom and crazy plans for the weekend. Make cycling easier than ever before!


záruka 3-5 let

Počínaje kolekcí 2014 nabízíme prodlouženou 3-letou (resp. 5-letou) záruku na rámy SUPERIOR. Prodloužená záruka se vztahuje pouze na rámy kolekce 2014 a novější.3-letá záruka na rámy je poskytována bezplatně.
Extended warranty