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The 2017 #alwaysrace collection has been expanded by the Superior bikes brand accessories. Whether it´s a new racing kit,  sporty jerseys or brand new MODO #womanonly collection the Italian producer Keido delivers the highest workmanship quality. The leisure brand clothes and other accessories are ready for you as well. All in high quality with a simple clear design available in Superior Bikes retail shops in Europe.
Shirt RACE
Jersey Sleeve
Jersey full
Jersey Black
Shirt sup

Jose Vicente Formoso Otero - Bicicletas Triki 5602 km
Lugar de Agra de Baño,
Lugar de Agra de Baño, 15259 Tel.: 981,762,002
Rúa Pintor Xenaro Carrero 22
Noia - Coruña 15200 Tel.: 981824772/690663290
Victor Mariña Da Costa - Millabikes 5637 km
Rúa Travesa 5 bajo izq.
Milladoiro (Ames) 15895 Tel.: 669,753,558
Rúa Travesa, 5 bajo izq.
Milladoiro (Ames) 15895 Tel.: 669753558
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Ladies want to be exceptional. As a professional racer, whether it‘s for a race, training or a fun ride. When you manage to match everything with the bike, you will feel that much better, more confident and stronger. you can then go out and really enjoy a difficult training, race, or an outing with friends from your ladies‘ biking community.
MODO dres
MODO scarf
MODO shorts

Fahrrad Rothauge 6542 km
Bahnhofstraße 29
Borken (Hessen) 34582 Tel.: +49 5682 2361
Fax.: +49 5682 5945
Superior MODO shop 6602 km
Scheffelstraße 49
Kirchzarten 79199 Tel.: 07661 9084422 Modo
Štěrba Kola 6919 km
Severozápadní I 2771/27
Praha 14100 Tel.: +420241741961 Test ride Modo
CYKLO VAPE 6920 km
Poděbradská 1099/166
Praha 19800 Tel.: +420730898635 Modo
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