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Seventeen issue


„Every week, several middle-aged cyclists come into our store seeking advice on a new bike. They mostly lack the time to go on cycle rides and don´t enjoy it any more. They don‘t have the time to train, ride slower than in the past, and so they don‘t really get anywhere on their bikes. I usually advise them to get an MTB electric bike. The electric motor enables them to travel further and ride up hills which they would otherwise not manage. When it suits them, they can switch off the electric motor and pedal. It leaves them feeling good and puts a smile on their faces. I can also recommend the brand new series of Superior mountain bikes with the Shimano E8000 electric motor. They are excellent bikes for younger people and people who love riding in more difficult terrain and are looking for a bit more of an adrenalin rush.“
Viktor Bolek Long-term Superior bike and sports equipment trader