The Story


We belong to the tribe that hold their breaths waiting for the sound of a starting gun. We uuu and ouch watching World Cup courses: rock gardens, boulders, drops, rooty uphills, muddy slopes and supersonic passages... natural or artificial, fast and scary. Cross country mountain biking is getting faster and harder! It is not enough to be just skilled, it’s about being extremely versatile and proving mastery of every single aspect that may count.

In Superior we cheer up every rider, from kids and masters to elite dark horses. We always have this hurrah feeling when we see them go over the obstacles, sigh with relief after narrowly escaped crashes and we never ever declare we would do it better, because we wouldn’t! The only thing we can improve are bikes! And this is what we decided to focus on!


We love carbon fibre. It’s durable, resilient, moldable, easy to manipulate to balance stiffness and flexibility and first of all… it is lightweight! Our frames are made of CRB Pro High-Modulus - special carbon fibres, which helped to lower the weight of the frame by 10%, still gaining the raise of its lateral stiffness. The technology itself requires experience, skill so the production processes are meticulously controlled, which includes having influence on fabrication methods and final quality. It all allowed us to create a 1717-gramm full suspension cross country frame that we believe will make you rule the race courses.


Extended Warranty

Starting with the collection 2020, SUPERIOR offers extended
5-year warranty on bicycle frames.

The extended frame warranty applies only for frames in the 2015 collection and onwards.

Extend warranty