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For women, it's really important to look good in any situation. Not only during ordinary daily activities, but also when they want to enjoy their hobbies such as cycling. MODO means fashion and style. And that is exactly what MODO can provide. You will be definitely graceful and beautiful every time you ride your MODO whether you go for a coffee ride with your friends or try to beat your opponents during a difficult race. And although this attribute is very important for sure, we did not forget about other key features such as comfort, functionality and quality - that let you enjoy every moment in the saddle and make sure you can rely on our bikes in every situation. Elegance, beauty, top quality and high performance - that's exactly what MODO collection is about.

modo collection 2020

Women's collection MODO has expanded to include the trueborn racing MODO Team category, all-purpose MODO X-Road category for endless on-road/off-road rides, and the first two pure women's MODO E-Bikes.



Ladies want to be exceptional. As a professional racer, whether it‘s for a race, training or a fun ride. When you manage to match everything with the bike, you will feel that much better, more confident and stronger. you can then go out and really enjoy a difficult training, race, or an outing with friends from your ladies‘ biking community.
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