The power hides in diversity. That is why we offer the top e-drives from Shimano and Bosch, world leaders in bike e-drives.

Brand new EP8 from Shimano surprises you with enormous power; bestseller Bosch systems offer a unique ratio of power/range.



Our motto is #alwaysrace. It doesn't necessarily mean only watts, sweat, and suffering in the races. It is more about the competitiveness we are born with, our constant need to beat our small limits, whatever they may be.

To be faster, to make our bikes better, to give you a better riding experience. To give you a #superiorday on a bike. That's why we collaborate with world best riders, test our bikes in best labs, and push our bikes on the edge of world best bikes.


X-ROAD Team Issue Di2

We completed the X-Road, our best road frame, with a Shimano Ultegra Di2 racing-style electronic shifter set, carbon racing accessories, and a DT Swiss ER 1600 Spline DB32 universal tubeless wheelset; this wheelset can carry the wider gravel tires. The frame was engineered for high performance, speed, and stiffness, and its unique design stands out through perfect integration of the cables and tubes.


We belong to the tribe that hold their breaths waiting for the sound of a starting gun. We uuu and ouch watching World Cup courses: rock gardens, boulders, drops, rooty uphills, muddy slopes and supersonic passages... natural or artificial, fast and scary. We also have great support from the professional Teams all over the Europe. Our riders take part in the most important mountain biking events, including UCI World Cup and UCI World Championships, providing us with invaluable feedback and expertise. Naturally, Maloja Pushbikers became a part of our crew. They are fighters and have experience we need... With their help we have chance to make riders even faster.


That is our definition of success!


Extended Warranty

Starting with the collection 2020, SUPERIOR offers extended
5-year warranty on bicycle frames.

The extended frame warranty applies only for frames in the 2015 collection and onwards.

Extend warranty