Red lights, traffic jams, clocks, telephones, hundred of thoughts and sweat dripping along your spine. Commuter’s life is far from the yoga class atmosphere. Change it! Make it a ritual with less stress and less effort. Superior E-Urban bicycles will assist you during your daily commuting: to the office, school, shopping centre or other destinations. Faster than a normal bike, and much faster than a car stuck in a traffic jam E-Urban bike is a modern time machine. With an electric pedal assist by Shimano, you will save your precious energy for the things that are really important to you. Turn “must” into “can” and enjoy your day!


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Počínaje kolekcí 2020 nabízíme zdarma prodlouženou 5-letou záruku na rámy SUPERIOR.

Prodloužená záruka se vztahuje pouze na rámy kolekce 2020 a novější.

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